Who is DocEye

We work mainly in the non-fiction field, working journalistically, primarily on documentaries and in the reportage genre. We aim to make our projects accessible on multiple platforms and, in collaboration with clients and purchasers, develop models for content sharing, in which the content is customised in accordance with the target audience and message.


DocEye is an independent production company, who develop and produce ideas, formats and programmes for the media industry. We have done so ever since DocEye was founded in 2011.




We are “the eye”, working close to people and in the midst of environments, where there is something at stake. We believe that our network, development skills and narrative style represent the way forward.

DocEye’s ambition is to continuously exert influence on the  development of the non-fiction genre. We want to create formats and concepts, which are innovative, and which help to maintain a high level of journalism and reportage on Danish TV channels.

We approach documentation through vivid, gripping reportage. We believe that viewers are incredibly bright, demanding authenticity, depth and drama – whatever the subject.

DocEye collaborate particularly with TV channels and major Danish institutions on programmes, series and projects, which possess a high degree of seriousness in terms of their content. We also work with private companies, documenting internal processes, business case stories or corporate news.

DocEye was founded, and is owned by Ulrik Skotte, and employs 15 permanent staff, supplemented by freelancers.